The dilemmas…

Daily commute, braving heavy traffic for more than an hour, crowded public transits, heat of the sun, wet shoes from heavy rain – or worse – flood, running late to work because of circumstances you can’t control on your way to your workplace, constant thoughts on your kids or family members at home, exhausting and apprehensive travel to work in the wee hours for a graveyard shift, the list could go on for the struggles that usual wage earners had to face. A nine to five job is also becoming a routine now that most millennials are getting tired of. No wonder why more and more people are attracted to some alternative ways of earning money provided that it would allow them to avoid the aforementioned daily struggles.

What and which?

Social media, internet, and technology have contributed a lot in transforming the way people earn money. There are now various ways to get paid and create a career you’re really passionate about. Web-based jobs have morphed the way people have started and developed their careers. Now, that’s a path some of them are heading. A job that grants more freedom, convenience, more sleep, comfort, reasonable pay and growth. Is there really a job that could give us this much freedom? Yes, THERE ARE!

Not just millennials, actually. There are more and more proletariat who are switching to these types of jobs after the recession affected the economy of the countries around the world.

There’s a growing demand for freelance jobs nowadays. There are websites that even college students can take advantage of to help them with their finances. There are also web-based jobs that would allow you to work for less than 40 hours a week. Good for full-time moms out there, right?


According to BBC’s Working from home to beat recession there’s an increasing number of people who are using online marketplace sites to gain extra work as the recession bites.”  Working from home or wherever in the world – as long as you have the things you need to function and get the job done – would be a good option for earning extra and even building a whole new career yet not missing the important occasions. One can choose from fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Creative writing, Education, Bookkeeping, Consultancy, Encoding, Photography, Video editing and a lot more to choose from. You can do more than two if your schedule can still accommodate the extra loads.

One article showing the result of a poll in Time Magazine, about what millennials want from their career, topped the reason that  they want “want flexible work schedules, more ‘me time’ on the job, and nearly nonstop feedback and career advice from managers.”

If you’re not a millennial but you can relate to these demands, freelancing and home-based jobs will suit you. You might also be surprised with the benefit packages that companies will offer you.

You want work/life balance? Home-based jobs might help you make that balance a little bit easier to maintain.

Lykes Abilar

  • Matthew

    It’s truly amazing to see people who work at the comforts of their home. I am now encouraged to invite more friends to join in the fun.

  • Nancy

    When home becomes your workplace. Yay! Been working freelance for years, and I never regretted a day. A full-time educator and mom here! Salute guys!