Most people are enslaved with money. We all work to earn and put some additional zeros on the amount we have in the bank. We use our most pivotal resource in living and surviving as functioning members of the society for almost everything that we do.  We are becoming too materialistic it shows in our way of living. The brands of our bags and accessories that are visible to public eye are now becoming the basis of  our status in the society and our capabilities as far as money is concerned.

Women will buy luxurious brands of bags, jewelries, overrated cosmetics, fashionable and trendy clothing’s that would all end up in their wardrobe. Men will buy what they can consider “toys for big boys” such as cars, 300 or 400cc big bike, new DSLR and drones, etc. You name it! There are also common wants that men and women like to do to show off. TRAVELING.


To post them on social media accounts such Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Another, WHY?

According to the article, “life is revolved around getting all of those social media likes because it makes us all feel better.  That dopamine (a brain chemical associated with pleasure) makes us all feel better about ourselves, which is okay but that stays around for a day maybe two. Not a lifetime.”

That’s why I hate traveling!

First, traveling opens my mind to things that are more important than a Gucci bag. Second, it’s addicting! It’s so addicting to see the world. It drives me crazy to plan which part of the world I would want to see next.

Third, it liberates you to different culture. That participation that I would really experience a different culture than my own. It’s liberating to know that there are so many cool things out there that are waiting for me to obtain better understanding and have more depth of their importance.

Fourth, it’s pushing me to write on my journal or on my blog. I can’t stop but share the photos I took, food I ate, people I met, the trials I faced, laughters, desperation, and the wisdom I got from the whole experience.

Fifth, it makes me hoard! Yes! It makes me hoard…memories. It’s like I’m hoarding stories simply because I would like to tell my friends, family, my own kids and grandkids in the future, about  my little adventures.

You can not put a price on having memories.

And last, it costs money! And so are bags, shoes, mortgage, car and food.

I’m not saying they’re not important. I’m just saying if you can buy a lot of clothes but not really wear ALL of ‘em, spend money on things that are depreciating in value, then why wouldn’t you spend money on things that will last a lifetime.

Stories that you can share and inspire people.

Experiences that will push you to your limits, make you conquer your weaknesses and fears, and actions and decisions will teach you lessons.

Interesting people you will meet.

Photos of the most picturesque and majestic places in the world.

These are the reasons why I hate traveling! I hate it because I can’t stop!

Cheers to Life and to making memories!

Lykes Abilar

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